3 Ways to galvanize your prayer life!

1. Be intentional!

Prayer time with God is an intimate time to enjoy. Like intimate time with your spouse, you have to become intentional with the Lord. Make Him a priority. Do not pray “if you have time later”.

At the same time do not be too dogmatic about it that you beat yourself up if stuff happens and you can’t make these appointments with the King. Remember that He is living on the inside of you. I love this scripture in Colossians 2:10 TPT:

And our own completeness is found in Him. We are completely filled with God as Christ’s fullness overflows within us. He is the Head of every Kingdom and authority in the universe!

Quite a truth to obtain and meditate on if you ask me. So take moments throughout the day to turn your heart and attention to Him.

2. Begin by worshipping

Psalm 100:4-5 TPT

Come right into His presence with thanksgiving! You can pass through His open gates with the password of praise! Come bring your thank offering to Him and affectionately bless His beautiful name! For the Lord is always good and ready to receive you. He’s so loving that it will amaze you; So kind that it will astound you! And He is so famous for His faithfulness toward all! Everyone knows our God can be trusted, for He keeps His promises to ever generation!

For me worship has a way of recalibrating my heart. When I worship Him it almost forces me to lay down my offenses and junk that I may have been carrying around.

We sometimes think worship is for God. God does not need His ego stroked, like He is somehow insecure about who He is. God is so extreme in His love, He eve designed worship for our benefit! He designed it so that we would be aware of a greater reality.

3. Listen

Did anyone ever tell you, “God gave you two ears and one mouth, use them in proportion to each other”? I have heard this a few times in my day, maybe because I like to talk. This use to bleed over into my prayer life. I remember a season in my life when I would make lists of things to pray about and when I got to the end of the list I would either start over or I would be done. Check out this short clip on prayer by Daniel Kolenda:

Daniel is a man that has spent his life being discipled by the evangelist Reinhardt Bonnke. They have literally seen over 60 million people give there lives to Jesus in the past 10 years or so. Check out this clip from some of their crusades to Africa:

Now if this is how mighty men of God such as these pray I think we should probably take their advice to heart. If you are hanging out with someone wiser than you, do more listening than talking. Always approach God with boldness. Jesus is living in you! God is not mad at you, He is in love and obsessed with you.

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