“But blessed are your eyes because they see, and your ears because they hear.” Matthew 13:16

Children have this free pure ability to see into the spiritual realm. It’s like they look through a clear lens that combines the natural and the spiritual all at once.  When does this lens fog over, when do we start to use logic and rationalize our way out of “seeing” in the spirit? A child’s imagination is a real vibrant force that paints life for them. Their imagination is as real as the physical world. The innocence of a child’s mind and heart fascinates me. Their ability to believe in things that we find so out of reach, it’s beautiful.

And He said: “Truly I tell you, unless you change and become like little children, you will never enter the kingdom of heaven.” Matthew 18:3

The question on my heart remains, where do we as adults put down our imagination and start focusing only on the physical realm. Relying on just our eyes to see the world, instead we use our imaginations to worry instead of dreaming with God. We loose that child like belief where anything is possible and life is fun. Our minds become heavily burdened with tasks instead of passions and dreams. We only see brick and mortar, all the while angelic activity continues on without our notice.

I’m calling back those child like eyes! Eyes that see past the physical world into the spiritual realm. Who says we need to stop using our imaginations.  Why is it assumed if it was in your imagination that it is false? Why do we have to stop dreaming with God?

The bible is full of people seeing and interacting with the angelic realm. I don’t believe these are special circumstances or special people. I believe God designed us all to be able to see into the Spiritual Realm. That we would have eyes to see and ears to hear.

As a child I could see into the spiritual realm pretty easily. I could see and hear in the spirit just like I can see and hear my natural children in the room with me now. I really didn’t understand how it was looked down on or abnormal until I got older. Not being raised in a christian home, I had no place to share what I was experiencing. As I grew the ability faded, not because God took it away, but because I was loosing belief. Logic started to settle in and I longed to be normal so I let go of those eyes that gave me the ability to see into the spiritual realm. Over the years I have felt the pull, a tugging, remembering those events, those times when the two realms collided. God was asking me, encouraging me to dust off those spiritual eyes and step back into what is suppose to be normal. Normal christianity includes seeing into the spiritual realm.

Over the past couple of years I have caught glimpses.  A few months ago I was in a small group and I was writing down areas I needed breakthrough in. I saw an angel looking over my shoulder reading what I was writing. It was a crazy moment that I will never forget. I froze because it caught me off guard. Recently I saw a group of angels dancing in our church praise and worship service. It will be seared into my memory forever. The way they twirled and worshiped with such vibrant expression, it was amazing. I have other experiences that are near and dear to my heart.

I want to encourage you and pray over you to use your spiritual eyes. Let God paint on your imagination dreams and desires. Ask Him to open up your spiritual eyes, ask Him to remove the scales of unbelief that have been blinding you to the angelic. If you have a vision or a flash of something in your imagination, don’t just disregard it or throw it away as your “imagination”.  Sometimes you can “feel” angelic activity and not necessarily see it. I have often felt angels, there seems to be a certain feeling of their presence when they are around.

If your children say they saw something don’t assume they were being childish and making things up. There is  nothing I personally despise more than hearing a parent tell a child who is scared of their room that there is no such thing as ghosts or demons.  Your child maybe seeing things you can’t see, spend some time asking them questions and for heavens sake don’t squash their beliefs and ideas. Encourage them to see angels and tell you about it. Ask them if they heard God say anything, ask them if they can hear Him talking. Encourage them to use their spiritual eyes and ears. Children have a beautiful ability to interact with the angelic realm and I think this should carry into adulthood.

I pray the eyes of your heart and mind be opened to see what God is saying and Doing. I pray for a release of angelic encounters over your life, a new awareness of the spiritual realm. I speak new eyes to be awakened in you, a quickening of angelic presence and for your spiritual senses to be aware of what God is doing in a room.

Amanda Patrick

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