In a church worship service a while back there was a line in one of the songs that said, “We draw near to you, You draw near to me”!

What an absolute guarantee!

This is not a maybe!

It is a guarantee. You have a hunger that God inherently put inside of you for the Bliss of His Presence!

You can not satisfy this hunger with anything else. We can try to. We go to great lengths in some cases to satisfy this craving, but with great fail.

Many of us have never tasted from the real tangible Glory of God, that caused Saul to fall off of His donkey, that caused Peter to fall into a trance, that caused John to unintentionally fall out before Him, and that caused Phillip to teleport after baptizing the eunuch.

I realize you can not hunger or thirst for something that you have never tasted before. I never have a hankering for octopus because I have never had it. I do believe God put a hunger inside of humanity, sort of like a new born baby that instantly latches on to the breast after being born, for His presence. Have you ever been hungry for something, but you are just not sure what it is you are hungry for? So what do you do? Many of us will begin to eat something until we find that thing that we are really craving. Humanity is tasting from all sorts of outlets that leak a false sense of Glory.

In America I do not believe there is anything more popular than professional football. During football season fans travel far and wide to get to stadiums, filling them to the rafters. 70 thousand people plus in every stadium. I have been to some of these games, and enjoy them very much. Football is not the issue. The popularity of this sport tells me that there is more going on.

I believe that people in America work all week at jobs most of us hate, and football creates an atmosphere shift that the deepest parts of us scream out for. You were made for a different atmosphere. You were made for the Glory of God.

The atmosphere that football games create, can feel electric at times to fans. This is the reason this sport is so popular.  They have tapped into a buzz that humanity was made for. Even though there is a pseudo glory, it doesn’t even come close to the Glory that fills the earth.

When we intentionally go away with the King of Glory, He heightens our awareness of His glory and presence.

In Habakkuk it says, “‘The Knowledge’ of the Glory of God covers the Earth as the water covers the sea!” (Habakkuk 2:14)

The Knowledge!

The Glory is already here! We need to become more aware of the Glory!

Moses asked God, “show me your Glory”, and it says that it was God’s goodness that passed in front of Moses.  Maybe we are unaware of God’s Glory, because we are unaware of really how GOOD He is. (Exodus 33)

Maybe we are believing a lie about His nature. The time has come for the children of God to come away with him, and practice the truth of Him inside of us. Of His Love for us. You are His obsession!

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