Do you look at society and see the devil’s clear cut plan? It is hard not to, isn’t it? We have a 24 hour news cycle with at least 3-4 major networks making sure you get all the worlds negativity packaged and wrapped for you like a Christmas gift in half hour segments.  Do you remember those cartoons where the little boy would stand on the corner yelling, “extra, extra, read all about it…..”? Before this someone would find out the latest gossip in town and yell it on the corner. These people were called the “Town Cryer”. That is right, your news finds it’s roots directly from gossip.


Did you know that whenever you speak you prophesy the future. The bible says that there is the power of life and death in the tongue (Prov. 18:21). Everything you see was initially someone’s thought followed by there speech. I believe everything you see on the earth once existed in the spirit realm (good or bad) good being from God, bad being from satan. If you suffer from a foreboding mindset, always assuming the worst is going to happen, I would encourage you to say very little until you change your mind set. We were made in the image and likeness of God (Gen 1:26). The enemy knows this and he will try to use this against you and the world that you were called to bring heaven to earth in. Scripture encourages and commands us to keep our minds on the things above and not the things beneath (Col 3:2). Scripture also tells us that what ever is good, holy, righteous, and of good report think about such things (Phil. 4:8). In proverbs it tells us that as a man thinks so is he (Prov. 23:7). Are you seeing a pattern here? In my opinion as believer we have little to no business inundating ourselves with the news, that is until they start reporting on the great exploits of the Holy Ghost.

Back to prophesying. When God created the heavens and the earth, how did He do it? He spoke them into existence (Psalm 33:9). If we are made in His image and likeness how do we ultimately create the future? You got it, we speak it into existence. Take a deep breath, I know right about now you are probably thinking of the negative things you have created with your words. Have you ever wondered why so many “prophets” prophesy doom over California or America? I have a theory on this. I believe they are prophesying from the realm of satan, otherwise popularly known in christian circles as “the second heaven”. The second heaven as a term is not mentioned in the bible. The terms third heaven and first heaven are.

When we pick up in the spirit or a dream of a major natural disaster or death and destruction we are picking up on the plans of the enemy (satan) for the earth. We have a mandate from Jesus, Heaven on Earth (Matt. 6:10). Satan’s mandate for himself is very simply hell on earth. Because Jesus gave us back our authority in the earth satan can only accomplish this with our assistance (Matt 28:18-19)  Satan has plans of how to pull this off. Unfortunately too many christians only prophesy from the realm of satan. It is not a sin to pick up on these things or hear these things, in fact I believe God even allows us to tap into this stuff once in a while. Why would God want his children to hear this stuff or experience this in a dream?

I believe God the father wants you to see this stuff so that you can call it to death, and put an end to the plan before it ever has a chance to take place. God has his own plans that he wants to install on the earth. These plans are for good and not harm. If you have a end times belief system that tells you that things are going to get worse, and the future is full of trials and tribulation for all people, I would say you need to put this belief system to death, it is not from God. God’s intention for the earth is heaven on earth. When you speak and or prophesy ask Holy Ghost what He thinks about what you are about to speak about. If it is not laced with extravagant hope, love, amazing encouragement, it is not from Him.

You now have permission from God to turn off any tv preacher that tells you “all hell is about to break loose” he is prophesying from the wrong heaven. The bible is very clear that God is in the third heaven. When we are intimate with Him and spend time with Him we begin to think and speak like Him. Too many “prophets” have been hanging out with satan. Time to go to the Father just as Jesus did. Jesus only said what He heard the Father say, only did what He saw the Father do. It is God’s goodness that leads all men to repentance, not the fear of hell on earth.

He knows the plans He has for you, plans to give you a hope and a future!

Top things to do to start prophesying from the right heaven:

  1. Go to the “secret place” with Holy Ghost. Carve out time to be with him. When you are with Him practice listening.
  2. Test the spirits. Know the fruit of the Holy Ghost, and weigh all that you hear in the spirit, and through teaching against that. If it produces anything other that the fruit of the Holy Ghost in you or your life it is not from Jesus.
  3. When you see negativity around you, begin to operate and speak out the opposite. Ex. The weather report is predicting tornados. Start declaring heavenly order over the weather patterns for that region, command peace to the storm just as Jesus did. Do not say, “well that is a sign of the times…”!
  4. Worship, get into His presence every day. Your goal should be to feel His presence and glory in your physical body, and then soak there.
  5. Draw near to Him and He will draw near to you. This is one of the most amazing promises in all of scripture. Hold fast to it.

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