In 2010 I came Home from work, and my wife kept nagging me about watching some girl worship on this youtube video. Two or three days went buy, everyday she asked.  It isn’t that I did not want to watch it, I just felt busy with life. Finally I gave in, and watched.

The passion I saw resonating from this girl grabbed me from the inside.

I told my wife, “that is what Jesus paid for”.  I watched that video about one hundred times within the next week. I slowly realized she knew something about Jesus that I did not know.

The girl in this video was Kim Walker. The song she was worshiping to was “Where you go I go”.

She leaked Heaven as she worshiped like nothing I had ever seen in the 30 years of being in and around church.

I had to know where all this was coming from!

I began to search youtube for her testimony, what I heard in this video was nothing less than astounding. (Video Below).

I watched this video about 200 times. I think I watched it 20 times within the next two days.

I thought I knew God loved me, until I watched these two videos. I realized that for years I didn’t really believe that He loved me. I knew it in my head, but never really encountered it in my heart. I was completely and utterly wrecked before the Lord. I got so hungry for the love that Kim experienced, that I began to wait on Jesus to show up to me this way in my own prayer time.

He Did! I was undone by the fire in his eyes!

Realizing in my heart that the fire was ignited from the passionate love that he had in his heart for me.  Jesus has a way of making you feel like you are his favorite, even though he is not a respecter of persons.

He will do this for you! Are you hungry yet? I do not care how much you have experienced God, or how little. He is everlasting, you will never get to a point where you think, “I have enough”.  Though we are satisfied with the finished work of Jesus, we should always be hungering for more of His love, and more of his glory.

I encourage you to go away with Jesus, and wait on Him.  Ask him to reveal a deeper revelation of His love to you. After all 1 Corinthians chapter 13 says that without love we have nothing, and I don’t think you can realize the depths of this truth until you have encountered this love in a supernatural way.


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